How do I create an event at Naropa?

  • How do I create an event at Naropa?

  • Christopher

    October 2, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    Before you create an event by completing the Student Events Form, please read the Student Event Policies & Procedures on our Documents page as well as the COVID note below.

    -Event Plans/Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the event. Large-scale and higher-risk events may require at least 4-6 weeks.

    -Submission of an application does not guarantee the approval of your event.

    -All event applicants agree to abide by applicable Naropa University policies, including those in the Student Handbook and the Office of Events page on MyNaropa. This includes, but is not limited to, the prohibition of alcohol and other drugs, including marijuana, at any event.

    COVID MODIFICATIONS: Students are encouraged to meet via online platforms or outdoors as much as possible. For the fall semester, student group activities taking place on campus must have the prior approval of the COVID-19 Taskforce in addition to the approval of this application. Currently, no more than 10 students at a time may gather outdoors and all gatherings inside must strictly adhere to the stated room occupancy. Student groups must practice social distancing, cannot share food, and all participants must wear face coverings at all times.

    SUN is here to help! If you would like support in filling out this form, or with clarifying/organizing your event idea, please contact the Student Union of Naropa (SUN) at or set up a 30-minute appointment with a SUN officer here:

    The student activities money comes from and belongs to every student at Naropa. Every student is empowered to use their best judgement to spend the money the way that they see fit, for the good of our community. Our only caveat is that before you make your decision, you collect as much input as necessary from 1) those who will be meaningfully affected by the purchase and 2) those who have expertise in the matter.

    Step 1. Ask around!

    You can post your idea in our Discussion Forum, schedule a meeting with a SUN member, or just talk with other students to get a sense of what others think. Consider who will be affected by this proposal, who might want to get involved, and who might have some experience or relevant information.

    Step 2. Forms!

    If you’re requesting money for an event, fill out this form. If you’re requesting money for a purpose other than an event, fill out this form.

    This is basically a legal clearance to make sure that your idea is in alignment with Naropa rules and regulations. SUN will also take this opportunity to brainstorm other people in our community who might be useful connections for you and any other thoughts, concerns, or questions that we have.

    Step 3. Ask around again!

    Collect more feedback. Compile everything that you’ve learned into a final proposal and post it publicly on our student discussion forum where students have 24 hours to raise any final questions, concerns, or shared excitement! Make sure that your discussion post mentions the advice that you collected, the reason for your decision, and exactly what you plan to purchase, from where, and by when.

    Step 4. The Final Step

    24 hours after your post goes up, a SUN rep will get in touch to organize making the actual purchase.

    SUN will add this passed budget request to the spreadsheet of approved spending, and will suspend that money in the account for your use.

    If the money has not been spent by your accountability date, a SUN member will send you an email. If you don’t respond or confirm that you no longer intend to spend the money, the proposal will be voided and the funds returned to SUN budget

    For more information about the theory behind this process & to pay homage to the innovative thinkers who founded this idea, check out this link:

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