Boulder County BeLoved Community Day

A special partnership between Naropa University, the University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for the Study of the Prevention of Violence and the City of Boulder

Monday, February 14, 2022

“When we choose to love, we choose to move against fear, against alienation and separation. The choice to love is a choice to connect, to find ourselves in the other."

~ bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins, September 25, 1952-December 15, 2021)

On Monday, February 14, we are celebrating Boulder County BeLoved Community Day to inspire communities throughout Boulder and Boulder County. We invite everyone to create a ripple of hope, love and care that reminds us why it is good to be alive, to be human, to be here now.

To do this, we are asking you to form a Care Pod, which is a group of 3-5 people who wish to leverage their collective power in the spirit of collective care and to be the change they wish to see in the world. Once you have found your pod-mates, choose an action that you can do on February 14th that will contribute to the joy, comfort and well-being of others. It can be any action inspired by love and designed to touch the hearts of others. By choosing an action that is visible, you will inspire vicarious delight and wonder in bystanders.

Here are a few examples of Care Pod intentions to Show Love on Boulder County BeLoved Community Day:

  • Leave a handwritten “Love Note” on someone’s car windshield.
  • Pick a street corner in your neighborhood and hand out flowers.
  • Write letters / send poems to prison inmates.
  • Add books to a Little Free Library.
  • Make a gift to a local nonprofit organization.
  • Bring pastries/bagels/doughnuts to the fire/police station.
  • Stand (safely) on a busy street corner with a sign sharing a thoughtful or inspirational message.
  • Drop off dog/cat treats, kitty litter, gently used bath towels to your local animal shelter.
  • Give a public performance (song, dance, poetry, theater).

Please share with us by registering your Care Pod below and how you plan to celebrate Boulder County BeLoved Community Day so we can show our appreciation and shower you with blessings.

How do you plan to celebrate Boulder County BeLoved Community Day with your Care Pod?

Please visit the Boulder County BeLoved Community Day website, please click on the Pink Plus (+) sign in the lower righthand corner to let us know how do you and your Care Pod plan to celebrate.

If you are unable to form a Care Pod, no worries, please make personal actions throughout day to celebrate Boulder County BeLoved Day. If February 14th is not a convenient day for you, we plan to celebrate the 14th of every month.

Here are other examples of personal intentions to Show Love on Boulder County BeLoved Community Day:

  • Invigorate hope for someone in need.
  • Rekindle a friendship.
  • Spark new relationships.
  • Promote kindness.
  • Say hello to a stranger.
  • Place a bouquet of flowers on someone’s doorstep.
  • Volunteer projects for those in need in their local community.
  • Mail a handwritten note of gratitude to someone that has touched your life.
  • Leave a large tip for your restaurant server or coffee shop barista.
  • Leave a stack of quarters next to a vending machine.
  • Leave a gift card outside your favorite coffee shop.
  • Make a gift to a local nonprofit organization.
  • Surprise someone with your own personal random act of kindness.

Inspire others to do the same by sharing this page with an invitation to participate in Boulder County BeLoved Community Day.

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Please note, information shared herein is only for the Boulder County BeLoved Community Day and is not being placed in any database or collected for any use outside this special celebration.