In Memory of Ashe

Dear Naropa Community,

We are heartbroken. Our friend and beloved colleague, Ashe, passed away last night.

Ashe was the heart of our team. Whip smart and deeply insightful, Ashe infused our team and our work with the spirit of their never failing generosity. Many of you will know Ashe as the voice of our team, sharing important news about Naropa technology. But you may not know that Ashe contributed a great deal to Naropa’s IT infrastructure improvements, as well as pitching in to do every kind of tech support they could do to support the whole community. We will miss working side by side with Ashe. But most of all, we miss Ashe.

Our condolences go out to Ashe’s loved ones. We will be grieving with you.

Carlos, Lorna, José, Michael, Teresa, Demian, Jess and Alan
The Naropa IT Team

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  1. I experienced Ashe was a welcoming, trusting, and always beyond helpful, kind soul. Her warm humanity will be missed.

  2. My heart is breaking for Ashe and those that loved them. As a new Adjunct Faculty Hire, I experienced such expert care from Ashe very recently and was very touched by their help and compassion. What an incredible loss. Please take care of your tender hearts, IT team and all those who loved Ashe. – Kitty

  3. I was so impressed with Ashe’s generosity and overall helpful nature. Always going above and beyond to support myself and the team in many different ways. Sending love and peace to all who are grieving tonight of the loss of this beautiful soul.

  4. My sincere sympathy for friends and family. Ashe was always generous with their time and assistance. Sending golden beams of light to surround you all during this time.

  5. This news is so sad to hear. Ashe was immensely generous with their time and energy. Such a beautiful presence that came through in all of our interactions. Sending love, support and big hugs to Ashe’s loved ones and to the IT team. With gratitude and care, Jamie

  6. Although I never met them in person, they were a supportive presence whenever I requested help. Blessings to Ashe and their family.

  7. I had brief encounters with Ashe; all were touched by her generosity, patience, and kindness. Wishes for ease and loving connections for all who hold her in their hearts.

  8. I am so sad to hear of Ashe’s passing. They were always a bright spot in my communications: helpful, funny, responsive, kind and just so human. They made working at Naropa better in every way. Much love and care to Ashe’s family.

  9. In the past number of weeks I reached out to Ashe for technical assistance. Though they were (unbeknownst to me) taking some time away from work, I got a response email from them offering support and advice. In the course of those emails back and forth, I learn of their dedication to their work and a wicked sense of humor about their own challenges! I am honored to have known them for a short while. I hope those memories of a person filled with warmth and humor sustains their partner, family and fellow IT department members in this very sad time.

  10. Ashe was such an effective support for faculty–came to my office repeatedly to help with a computer issue I was having, explaining to me the glitches and how to address them. They had such kindness, humor, and expertise–a rare combination. I grieve with their family and our community.

  11. Though I never had the privilege of meeting Ashe in person, upon my hire they were a friendly name and voice as I maneuvered all things new and challenging with technology. I remember being pleasantly surprised at their patience and kindness displayed through simply emails back and forth. Feeling grateful for our brief interactions and wishing all the hearts who ache at their loss love and grace through the grieving process.

  12. I am deeply saddened by the passing of Ashe. It breaks my heart. They had such a tender and loving presence. They helped me enormously with various issues and would sometimes just contact me (not as a HELP desk request) to make sure my problem had been resolved. My deepest sympathy to Ashe’s family and loved ones as well as to the IT staff who feel this most intensely.

  13. Ashe!
    You have made a big difference in my understanding of and relationship with my computer. I have appreciated your humor and expertise both of which, in my experience, you deployed with compassion and patience. You have been a valued co-worker at the heart of Naropa’s operating system and you will be greatly missed. I am sorry to see you leave so soon.
    Sending love and sweet memories to your friends and family,

  14. What a devastating loss. Ashe was such a light. Thinking of everyone throughout this time <3