Summer Writing Program From the Archives, Together in Spirit

Here on the Front Range we have been howling. At 8pm each night it begins as the sound ripples through the neighborhood. Even amid the late Spring/ early Summer thunderstorms we’re famous for, we hear the howling amid the thunderous roar that the rain brings and shuts us inside.  

In the wild, howling brings the pack together, creates cohesion in disunity; “is a passionate verbal outburst” (Audre Lorde). As creatives, we know something of the HOWL as a lonesome diphthong for despair, but also embodied joy. To embrace this dual monism is a subtle signaling of our ecology.  

We’d like to use this missive as a kind of howl, to be together in Spirit as we hold an online version of Summer Writing Program, for which we can only do for Naropa students.  

We’re calling it Carrier Waves named after the high frequency waves that often accompany input signal, but go largely undetected, and yet carry information, waves that bear a subtle transmission… So while we’re riding this frequency, we invite you to read along with us from these two texts:

Letters to the Future: Black Women  / Radical Writing | ed. Erica Hunt & Dawn Lundy Martin

Dream of Europe: selected seminars and interviews 1984-1992 |  By Audre Lorde and Mayra Rodriguez Castro (Editor)

For the month of June, we also want to share offerings from our archive — as a kind of input signal —  that address the themes for Sanctuary & Apocalypse which is rescheduled for 2020. Follow @kerouacschool on IGFBTwitter for the daily offering in the archive series.  We’d also love to see and hear from you  in the ways you are staying busy this Summer in the freedom of your imagination. Tag us with #NaropaSWP #FortheArchive #KeeptheWorldSafeforPoetry 

If you require a transcript or close captioning of this content, please be in direct contact with Cassie Smith,, Naropa’s Digital Marketing Coordinator, to make those accommodations.
Sanctuary + Apocalypse
{And so it began…}
Gaelic Women’s Poetry
2-JunKali Yuga Poetics
3-JunUncertainty as Generative Mode
4-JunCreative Writing 
5-JunPanel on Rocky Flats
6-JunConversation at Supper
7-JunPt. I Utopian Poetics 
Pt. 2 Utopian Poetics 
Oracles & Cyborgs
8-JunPt. I — 6PM Oracles: An Agenda for the “Found Generation.”
Pt. 2 — 6PM Oracles: An Agenda for the “Found Generation.” 
9-JunTechnology as Muse: Are You a Cyborg?
10-JunOther Overcoming Otherness: A Poetics of Fragments, illegible Gestures, and Smudged Texts
11-JunOrdinary Magic: A Talk with Anne Waldman
12-JunSWP Faculty Reading
13-JunLife Without Technology
14-JunContemporary Lineages: The Collective Voyeur
Now Time & The Coming Community
15-JunPt. I Beyond Hope and Fear Peace Conference – Opening Panel: Strategies for Peace Making: Social Action
Pt. 2 Beyond Hope and Fear Peace Conference – Opening Panel: Strategies for Peace Making: Social Action
16-JunRacial Identity and its Literary Representation
17-JunHow to See Through Poetry: Myth, Perception and History
18-JunThe Black Arts Movement
19-JunPoetry & Performance, Theater & video
20-JunLineage, History, and Anxiety of Influence
21-JunBonds of Civilization
Insurrectionary Forms, Revolutionary Lineages
22-JunPoetry and Emergency: Some Compass Points for Ecopoetics
23-JunEcopoetics: As Invisible to Us as Water is to Fish
24-JunWild Forms
25-JunGreat Divides and Common Grounds
26-Jun2 Billion Years of Animal Sounds
27-JunContinuing the Discourse: Engagements with Biography, Language, Visual Arts, and Other Extracurricular Projects
28-JunArchival Poetics & The War on Memory
29-JunAntidotes to Violence
30-JunTo be the Imaginary in July: Verbs and Epitomes

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